How to quickly invoke the most common AutoCAD commands or keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in AutoCAD.

F3 to Enable or disable object snaps

F4 Switching the TABMODE system variable, which is responsible for using the Tablet mode»

F5 cycles through isometric planes

F6 Switching the UCSDETECT system variable that controls the data collection state of the dynamic UCS: active or not

F7 Toggles the GRIDMODE system variable to indicate whether the grid is enabled or disabled

F8 switching the ORTHOMODA system variable, controls the cursor movement in the perpendicular direction

F9 Toggle SNAP MODE the system variable that enables or disables the snap mode

F10 enable / disable polar tracking

F11 Enable/disable the tracking mode object snap

F12 enable / disable dynamic input

CTRL+0 turn clean screen mode on or off

CTRL+1 Enable or disable the Properties palette»

CTRL+2-Enable/disable the control center

CTRL+3 Open / close the tool palettes window

CTRL+4 Enable / disable sheet set Manager

CTRL+5 to turn on/off the information palette

CTRL+6 Enable / disable database connection Manager

CTRL+7 Enable / disable the markup set Manager

CTRL+8 Enable / disable the Quickcalc calculator palette

CTRL+9 enable / disable command window

CTRL+A Select all objects in the drawing

CTRL+SHIFT+A Enable/disable groups

CTRL+B Enable/disable snap

CTRL+C Copy objects to the clipboard

CTRL+SHIFT+C Copy objects to the clipboard with the base point

CTRL+D Enable/disable dynamic UCS

CTRL+E cycles through isometric planes

CTRL+F Toggles the current object snap modes

CTRL+G turn grid on and off

CTRL+J to Re-execute the last command

SHIFT+A Enable or disable object snapping

SHIFT+C Cancel object snap: center

SHIFT+D Disable snapping and tracking

SHIFT+E cancel object snap: endpoint

SHIFT+L Disable snapping and tracking

SHIFT+M cancel object snap: midpoint

SHIFT+P cancel object snap: endpoint

SHIFT+Q Enable/disable the tracking mode object snap

SHIFT+S enable the use of object snaps

SHIFT+V cancel object snap: midpoint

SHIFT+X Enable/disable polar tracking

SHIFT+Z Toggles the UCSDETECT system variable that controls the state of dynamic UCS data collection: active or not