How to create a 3D solid in AutoCAD

In AutoCAD, there are several ways to create a 3D solid. First, you need to draw a flat section of the body necessarily closed using Standard autocad commands: line, polyline, circle, arc, etc.

Next, use the AREA (_region) or CONTOUR command to create an area by selecting the previously created closed section. The AREA command is located on the Drawing toolbar, and you can find these commands in the Drawing menu»

Using the created area with the commands SQUEEZE (extrude) or ROTATION (revolve) create a 3D body. Buttons with these commands are located on the Modeling panel.

The difference between the AREA command and the CONTOUR command is that the CONTOUR command allows a closed section built from individual lines to be turned into a polyline. A 3D body created from a section of a polyline has several more possibilities for editing with the help of so-called» handles » that appear when you select this body. By selecting the handle and dragging it, you can change the shape of the 3D body.

A few more commands to create a 3D body in AutoCAD: squeeze the trajectory of the flat section and create a complex flight.

Created three-dimensional body in AutoCAD can be edited.

Calculation of mass of a 3D solid