Как быстро создать 3D модель листовой детали в AutoCAD

Как быстро создать 3D тело гнутой листовой детали в AutoCAD.

— Построим с помощью полилинии профиль гнутой детали.

— с помощью команды выдавить примененной к полилинии строим плоскость задав размер выдавливания например 200 мм.


—  с помощью команды «Придать толщину», наберите в командной строке  ТОЛЩИНА (_Thicken) и нажмите Enter,  примененной к плоскости создаем 3D тело. Причем задавая размер толщины можно указать отрицательное значение тогда поменяется направление построения толщины.


How to calculate mass, volume, center of mass of 3D solid in AutoCAD

To calculate the mass, volume, center of mass of a volumetric body in AutoCAD, there is a corresponding command button to call it is on the Details panel.

Also call the command with its command-line MASS-HAR or _MASSPROP and press Enter.

After you run the command, you must select a volumetric body, then a window with the characteristics of the 3D body will appear.

The first line is called Mass, but in fact it is the Volume of the selected body in mm3.

To obtain body weight, it is necessary to make some calculations, namely, multiply the value In the mass or Volume column by the density of the materials that corresponds to this solid.

To simplify and speed up this procedure, it is easier to use the appropriate application for calculating the mass of 3D body in AutoCAD.

How to build a fillet (mate) in AutoCAD

The building of fillets and angle mates in a flat or a 3D object in AutoCAD is done with a team MATE (_fillet). You can run the command by typing at the command prompt or by clicking on the toolbar.

After running the command, options for further actions appear:

Entering a letter:

T — cancel the command,

And it will be possible to select a polyline where you will build a fillet all corners of a given radius,

D — set radius value,

B — set the mode with or without cropping the lines that create the angle to be rounded,

H — you can round multiple corners without interrupting the command.

If the choice of the lines forming the angle, but does not have a common point of intersection to hold down the Shift key, the command will extend these lines to their intersection point.

Calculation of mass of a 3D solid